Friday, August 28, 2009

Special dedication to David Kong...

This is something new i do, i dun usually do this kind of stuff BUT i really feel like wanna to do this right now, so, here you are... My special dedication, just a MV of a song that's so meaningful and suits you now(i think)... **Warning, many 'F**K' words in this song, don't play it if you'll feel offended...**
David Kong, i never meet you but you've supported me for all the way, since you call me 'Sis', i also treat you as my little bro, after i heard what 'SHE' did to you, this is what i think of... She really don't deserve your love at all, you treated her so well and she still not appreciate it... I'm not sure this video is it too much for you as you're still underage, at least to me, you are... LoL... Anyway, hoped you'll love this song and get what's the message i wanna pass to you... Life is short but great, don't waste your time for unhappy and useless stuff, you still so young, so, enjoy your life...!!!


  1. haha, I know this song! It's the perfect song to dedicate to a girl who has been taking advantage of a guy.

  2. Yupp, Dana, this song is cool.. Wondering if there's is a girl's version... LoL...


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