Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kanebo Coffret D'or colour blush OR-22... Finally it's mine...!!!

I was eyeing this beauty for long long time, i forgot how much is it here, i just remember the price after add-in the casing is $$ and i'm not willing to spend that amount for a blush... Maybe god heard me, today i was browsing in, and i bumped into a thread... The seller was selling this item for only RM29 and she just bought it yesterday and it's still brand new sealed...!!! Oh god, without think twice i straight ask for her a/c number and i added RM 4 for the postage... Then i start counting down and can't wait to get my hand on it... Who know's the seller called me 15 mins ago, and told me that coincidently she's staying nearby my place so she straight come to my place to pass it to me... !!! So now, it's with me, so fast and unbelievable...!!!
The seller is so generous, she gave me a Kanebo Faircrea White powder foundation sample too, it got 2 colours in it and it's come with a mini zip lock casing, so cute... Ya i know, it 's so funny that the size of the free gift is bigger than the item itself... LoL...
Isn't it beautiful??? I definately will try it on 2moro, i'm sure it'll looks nice... I love Coffret D'or stuff...!!! All so pretty...!!! Hehe...


  1. hi dear, so what do u think of the COffret d'or's blusher? I have one too, but in a different shade i think.. i love it, it looks very natural and the shimmer are just right. :D

  2. It's very pretty, the glow is subtle and very lasting, the colour is nice too... I love it...:)


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