Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm proudly present my 1st DIY creation...!!!

Wondering what is this??? (Yeah, i know, it's my favorite leopard print again and it's in purple colour!!! So pretty....)
Here's the inner look... This is eye shadow refill from Beautilicious that i just bought recently... So, to gather all those together i just put them in a CD case, i stick the colour code of each eye shadow on the left and i stick my favorite leopard print sticker to decorate it... It's very easy to make too...
Close up of the 8 colours that i picked, all so pretty...

Swatches... It's kinda pigmented but a bit powdery, but for that price, i've no complaint at all... This eye shadows is retailing at RM15.90 each, but i got them at RM3 each... Such a good deal isn't it??? Now i start regret why i don't get more of them.. Keke...


  1. whoa.
    how come only rm 3 geh?
    such a great deal!

  2. Lynn, i got them from Watson's warehouse sales... Suppose should be RM5 each, but the stupid cashier charge me RM3 only each, coz it's has no barcode to scan, she thought it's RM3...LoL...

  3. HAHA.nice stupid watson's staff!
    i like your purple leopard print!
    is the good way we enjoy shoppind & DIY fun

  4. hehe lucky you chris :)
    wah this is cheaper than getting them from beautilicious warehouse sale!
    they sell RM 7.
    but watsons warehouse sale very far from my place i dont know how to go

  5. wow cool way to turn a cd case into a e/s case!

  6. waaa, that is so cool!
    i havent tried this love the ribbon mark on the powder..=]
    really nice deal! lucky you..haha


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