Sunday, September 13, 2009

My 100th Post Giveaway...!!!

This is my 100th post so i decided to held a mini giveaway to celebrate it... I've been really lazy to blog recently, i have no idea why, i feel bad for abandoning my blog for so long, many post piling up to be done, requests by readers and so on... Anyway, here's my mini giveaway, obviously the theme is pink, so i chose 6 pink items as the gifts...LoL... There're 1). Kiss Me Heroine Make Shiny Base & Matte Base (Make up Base), 2). Eyeko Strawberry Fat Balm(Tinted Lip Balm), 3).YSL Cleansing Silky Balm Radiance Revealer(Makeup Remover), 4). St. Clare EGF Lifting Mask 5pcs 5). & 6). Angel Heart & Pink Doll HP Charm that i got from Taiwan... All are brand new...

There's only 1 winner and the dateline is until 30th September,12am midnight GMT +8... International readers are welcome to join too, i'll choose the winner by using So, rules to join, it's very easy... 1). Must be a follower of my blog, 2). Just tell me what's your HG make up item that you can't live without(brand, product name and why)... Isn't it easy??? So, what are you waiting for??? Just leave me a comment and answer my question, don't forget to leave me your email add and tell me where you come from... Good luck... :)

P/s : I saw many of you didn't indicate where you come from, pls don't forget to do so... :)


  1. hi! my hg makeup would be my maybeline volume express mascara...i've tried millions of mascara out there but none could satisfy my fancy...'cept for this! plus its darn cheap! i swear my lashes by it.:D

  2. Wow..This is fun!! Just trying my luck..

    My current HG makeup would be my eyebrow pencil from Empro. It is a wonderful triangular pencil that give me a natural high definition eyebrow!! I just can't go out without fixing my brow!! ^^

    (PS: I'm from Malaysia-Johor)

  3. my HG product at the moment is the ELF tinted moisturizer SPF15!!! What can I say? Med coverage, it's a moisturizer, non-oily, blend nicely and naturally, what's more, it's only USD1??? Can I ask for more?!?!?! :D


  4. My HG product is definitely Kate gel liner. Nothing beats this thing in my makeup collection! It is the only liner that is super easy to use for me, smudgeproof and cheaper when compared to other gel liners.

  5. My HG product is definitely Revlon lip stick, I put them on whenever I go shopping :)

    twinshappiness at yahoo dot com

  6. Thanks for informing me about this giveaway. I shall try my luck then. It's good to try than never right?

    I have not found my HG product yet but recently I found one of the old conservative face powder that gives me matte complexion, oil absorbent and my skin so smooth. They are way too cheap and known as 'bedak nyonya', used to be used by our elder generation before so many makeup brands are known. From the product the name is Sam Fong Pressed Powder and I use it as my skin finisher.

    Thanks for this giveaway and good luck with it ya!


  7. My HG make up item that I cant live without is my Shu Uemura Blusher simply because I need to look glowing as I have very dull skin ! I like to look and be looked as radiant and healthy ! My makeup routine would not becomplete with the blusher, a natural yet a healthy glow on my face :D

    p/s: Congratulation on your 100th post!

    From ,
    Jess, KL, Malaysia

  8. Congrats for the 100th post !!!

    My HG product is Shiseido Anessa gentle sun protector and Anna Sui Full DX mascara ^^
    The Shiseido Anessa sun protector is non greasy at all and it is water proof ^^ Hence it contains a just nice shimering,so it'll make my skin nice looking naturally ^^ It is 60ml and selling not more than RM100 as i remember ^^ so i think this price is quite reasonable as it's selling at shiseido counter ^^

    The Anna Sui Full DX Mascara is my favourite mascara ^^ simply apply it and the vava-voom lashes will appears ^^ And i love the rosy scent of all the anna sui products ^^

    From ,
    YJia (Negeri Sembilan,Malaysia)

  9. Dear,
    My HG product is L'egere Multi white BB cream!
    Since last year i use BB cream as my daily lazy women makeup base...i found that bb cream can soft my uneven skintone problem,i try so many different brands but untill i bought L'egere,the tone suit me very much and the best is my face look clean and moisture without oily from 9am to 9pm...WOW.I love Her...
    From: JUNEKelly

  10. My HG product is Shills Super Magic B.B Cream. This is my favorite becouse everytime when i use it, it look naturally.

    seri kembangan ,selangor

  11. My HG product will be the VOV eyehel mascara that i bought it From korea.
    For a beginner as me,i found that this mascara can last long my lashes in a very good condition if u did not remove away.
    And when i use it my lashes will look very natural and in a rich curl condition.

    Kulim,Kedah(currently at Kampar,Perak.

  12. Hi, my currently HG product is my ECOTOOLS 5 PCS BRUSH SET, woohoo!!! I love it so so much! Y???? Bcoz the bristles of this brushes it absolutely amazing and so soft that u feel that u dont wanna stop brush on ur face!This brush set is worth buying so u ladies out there definitely must try..u wont regret! oh ya Chris do sell it, buy from me she is a great seller!

    Penang, Malaysia

    by Grace_cupid :)

  13. Hello!My current HG makeup product is MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light as it gives me a flawless and dewy finish on my skin without looking cakey and matte.It is also good enough to use it by its own without any foundation or bbcreams=)
    Congratulations on your 100th post!Keep this blog going on!



  14. Finally finished my 3000 words term paper. :P
    Ok, lets try me luck here.

    My HG make up item I can't live without would be Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes. It gives insane volume, helps lift up the lashes and the best of all would be the length. I am ascertain that the length it gives is not merely an illusion but it's really longer! Wow-ed by this mascara. No smudges and long lasting. What's not to love?


    And I'm from Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

    *fingers crossed* :D

  15. Hi ,
    i already your blog follower.
    yhis is my SUPER HG product :

    L'egere Multi white BB cream!
    Since last year i use BB cream as my daily lazy women makeup base...i found that bb cream can soft my uneven skintone problem,i try so many different brands but untill i bought L'egere,the tone suit me very much and the best is my face look clean and moisture without oily from 9am to 9pm...WOW.I love Her...
    From: JUNEKelly

  16. Congrats on the 100th post.

    My HG product would be my Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation! It melts onto my skin like silk! I love light coverage and this is the best product for it. It finishes with a dewy fresh look. Best of all the product uses natural ingredients! Definitely can't live without this product! I have two shades of the foundation, one for winter and one for summer. Its the best for achieving the asian natural look!

    and my ultimate multi-use makeup product would the MAC's Vanilla pigment! its a great to use with foundation to add shimmer to make the face glowy! or an all over lid/eye brow highlight color! Even better as highlight def my multi-use HG!

    from; austin,tx

  17. Hi Chris! Finally managed to have some time to write a comment and wanna try my luck too.:P
    Congratz on ur 100th post in your blog anyways, keep it up! HG would be RMK Creamy Foundation, the best foundation i had used so far, great coverage, non drying and looks and feels natural on. Even used it on my bf sometimes to cover his pimple scars..shhhhh :X


  18. Chris~

    My HG, aiyo, so hard to say ler, but I guess it would be my Sana curler! Does the job fabulously and never give me much problem, and cheap!

    Congrats on the 100th post ya! *muacks!*

    plue, msia

  19. Congratualtions on your 100th post! :)
    My holy grail product is the ZA Two-Way Foundation Powder (Shade No. 22). It gives my oily face a natural and great coverage that stays matt the whole day.

    Tsuze, Singapore

  20. 1)Hi, I follow your blog under the name "Monkichi"
    2)My HG makeup item is Hanskin Super Magic BB cream, I cant live without it because it help my pimples and brighten my skin and cover up my dark circles

    my e-mail:
    (I am from the U.S but I'm Taiwanese)

  21. Hey,
    Congrats on your 100th post! Your blog is brilliant! =) Love your beauty reviews and stuff! 5 credits to you!
    Anyway, my HG make up item, one I can't live without is definitely my lipgloss from Sasa. The product name? Sasa Lip Luster Duo in 02 Sweetie. Why this, you ask? Well, I am a lipgloss fan and I totally love the texture of this two-sided gloss. The texture is quite thick, but wonderfully shimmery and not very sticky. It stays long on my lips too! I also love how this gloss just sparkles and shimmers when applied to my lips. It just gives this pretty sheen and all that. I can use this lipgloss during the day and night as it has two pretty, glittery colours (sweet baby pink colour for day, slightly darker pink colour for night). I also love the scent of this gloss. It's a sweet, berry-like scent. I find it nice. =)
    I will wear this gloss after my lipbalm and I love it's plumping effect on my lips.
    The price is reasonable too.
    Well, that's all. =D
    Do keep up the great job in updating your blog!
    Julia from Penang.

  22. Hi Chris,

    Sorry for the late entry.

    So, my of them would be Guerlain's Meteorites in Mythic, because whenever I apply it, my face would give out a glow, even with the minimal of makeup base and foundation. Sometimes, I am even so lazy that I just sweep the Meteorites all over my face on top of my makeup base, and voila! Radiant complexion. And I notice that after its application, my face feels smooth to the touch.

    So there you go..

    Vonvon, KL.

  23. Heyyyy...congrats with ur 100th blog do u get the motivationnnn????? -looks up with impressed expression-
    My current HG product would DEFINITELY be Perfect Mascara by Shiseido. It makes my normally invisible eyelashess soooo goodness..its really unbelievable.. 1000% recommend!!! It's a bit pricey..but worth it!

    Natalie, Brisbane, Queensland


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