Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ooops, i did it again... Hauls, hauls, hauls...

I know i should on shopping ban right now... But this is what i got today, i just can't help it, moreover today is Presales day for Parkson, 5X points and double voucher is just so hard to resist... :( I got the Multi Cleanser and Foundation from Laneige, Out Of Trouble mask and Peace of Mind from Origins, and some stuff from Stila, Canmake and Rimmel... Those small stuff is all free gifts, alot of them, too many perhaps...Lol...


  1. HAHA, you sound just like me, I'm on this shopping ban, but yet I went to the mall yesterday for some retail therapy and came back with a bunch of stuff LOL

  2. haha im interested to know what you got from stila, rimmel and canmake :P

  3. Wow!! U went to parkson too? I was at Parkson KLCC yesterday to grab more Stila!!! :)))

    Still waiting for ur entry Chris....:)
    And where are your friends???

  4. Dana, yarr, we're the
    Lynn, will tell u in msn...
    Vonvon, i was in Sg Wang and Pavillion...I grabbed some stuff from Stila yesterday too.. Will submit my entry soon...:)

  5. *drools* how I wish i can buy buy buy without looking at pricetags at all! hehe...

  6. I also wish no need looking at those price tag when buying them... :(


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