Monday, June 1, 2009

Eyeko Sparkle Powder

From the web :For That Dream Gleam
Loaded into a luxe pink puff packaged in a dinky cardboard box. Dust on deliciously pretty iridescent glitter with a sweet candy scent.
All the powder is in the puff so no mess makes Eyeko Sparkle Powder perfectly portable and travel friendly.
When i got it, i was like 'OMG, it's soooo cute!!! The packaging really adorable, it's smaller than my expectation but still fine coz it adds it's cuteness when it's smaller...
The little pink puff with the cute lil pink bow is to die for... It's very very pretty, i like it so much until feel so sayang to use it...
All the sparkle powder is in the puff, but on the surface got a lot of it, so for first few application gonna becareful, it'll be too much, so gonna dust off the excess in the pot b4 dust it on your body... Anyway it's powder type so can blend and make more even if happen dust too much end up too sparkly...
The iridescent glitter is so pretty and it smells so000 sweet, just like candy... Very smooth texture and make your skin looks so smooth and yummy..LOL...

P/s : Can get it at USD$8 from EYEKO and it's free shipping worldwide with no minimum purchase, don't forget to key in ambassador code 'E2742' while you check out, you'll get a free gift while you do so...!!!


  1. OMG this is beautiful! Too bad that I don't own a credit card so I cannot buy things internationally :( Boohoo!

  2. cute! and love the glitter thingy..but im not quite sure of using credit card online..or even paypal..

    i've keep on eyes on those things in ebay..but nvr be brave enough to buy it..

  3. Cyndi, it's really beautiful... When you start working then you'll have credit card and start online shopping.. Hehe...

    Kavukz, pay using paypal it's safe... Very safe... :)


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