Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ELF Eye Shadow Brush

From the web: Specially sheered brush tip absorbs the perfect amount of eye shadow and provides long lasting color saturation. The comfort curved brush contours the eye with natural gliding strokes for easy and accurate eye shadow application.

All e.l.f. professional makeup brushes have been designed and tested by professional makeup artist Scott Vincent Borba. Each brush has been ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into your hand and facilitate a flawless finish with every application.

My reviews : I ABSOLUTELY in love with this brush... It holds a lot of color and goes on very precise and is extremely soft!!! I'd washed it few times and it don't bleed or shed at all... This is a great brush for only a dollar, what you can expect for US$1?? I highly suggest if you have not bought one yet, GET ONE! You will not be disappointed...


  1. i agree.
    this item is such a great deal
    i have one too
    high 5*

  2. Yeah, it's really a good deal, i'll get the studio powder brush next round...

  3. i have been reading so many goood reviews about elf brushes, i shall join the spree on forum next time also

  4. Prettybeautiful, yeah, you should join... ELF stuff is good and affordable... :)

  5. I had lynn to help me to order this for me. Can't wait to use it!

  6. Really, good for u then... :)

  7. hehe..i bought the blending brush and i gave it a 5/5!

    but not for the face brush or the foundation hurts my face a lot!

  8. I heard that their blending brush not bad too, but i have too many blending brush already so i'll skip it...


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