Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm happy, i can do it...!!!

I'm proud of myself, really... Just now i passed by The Body Shop store with those huge 'SALES' signboard, i walked in... I managed to just get THE ONE item that i want, paid and walked off...!!! Really can resist those huge temptation, i'm happy...!!! But i can't do it without my dear 'RIYA' besides me, lol... She keep saying 'dun buy, dun buy', haha....
This is the one that i wanted, the Shimmer Waves in BRONZE, i spotted it thru BUBBI from bubzbeauty, she's a darling and i like her to death, she swear by this bronzer and i trusted her with no doubt... For those ppl that dunno who is Bubbi, you must watch her videos, she's so adorable and sweet, her voice and smile is to die for... If i'm a guy i definately will fly all the way to North Ireland and look for her and make her mine, wakakaka... So when now got sales and i'm a member can get additional 10% off, i just got it without thinking eventhou the price is not good at all, RM79.90 and now got 10% off, member additional 10% off so the price will be RM64.70...
Isn't it beautiful??? I hoped it works on me, will try it soon to find out, but if it really don't work on me as bronzer, i can still use it as eye colour anyway... So i think it's a good buy, just the price not friendly at all...


  1. Nice buy! but it isn't price friendly to me too! hehehe...

  2. So fast you leave comment hoped it work well on me...

  3. so good you're a member!
    i wanted their lip stain
    but only 10%
    also their 4 way nail buffer block.
    ishh. :(

  4. Haiya.....that's what I mean by their sale very disappointing. They are really so stingy in giving discounts. But I'm so glad you got something you really wanted at least ;)

  5. swatched it b4, a bit too shimmery >_<

    haiz, even shu uemura ones i also dun quite like. got orange tones in it. :(

  6. I did browse around, but can't spot anything else i want... Good for me... Haha...

  7. Hiya Chris, Cas from LYN :)that's a gorgeous item. I only managed to get two big shower gels from the sale :(

  8. Hi, Cas... Thx for dropping by, i got enough shower gel so din get it this round... Hehe...


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