Monday, May 25, 2009

BIORE Acne Mild Care Oil Control Facial Foam

-比毛孔更細 棉花糖般的微米泡泡,深入毛孔,不須用力搓洗,也能徹底洗淨,給痘痘肌最深層的溫柔呵護
-抗痘洗淨 微米泡泡,比毛孔更細緻,徹底清潔,好沖洗不殘留
-制菌 Triclosan抗菌成分,有效制菌
-舒緩 金縷梅,調理毛孔
-控油 綠茶精華,洗淨毛孔油脂,清爽不泛油光

I got it from my previous Taiwan trip bcoz it's ads is everywhere... The bottle is cute and 1-2 pump is all i need, the mousse is fine and mild, suit me alot coz i'm a lazy bum, shorten my time for face cleansing coz save time to foam it, i can straight apply on face and start cleansing... Many ppl complaint it that it gives those not clean enough feel after use, but to me is fine, it's not drying at all and once i pat dry my face with towel i can feel it's refrehsed and very clean... The only thing i dun like is it finishes very fast and NT$210 is not cheap for a drugstore item... Acne and oil control wise, acne i can't seems much but i did feel my skin produce less oil after use... Overall, a very decent facial cleanser...

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  1. hi! I have tried using aloe vera skin cleanser before but I got so many blackheads after a few days..I'm really prone to blackheads even if I use the oils as a makeup remover only then wash it off with a cleanser


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