Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Help!!! I bought shoes again...!!!

This is what i got just now...At first i though i ONLY wanna go and get myself some waffles and ice cream from Gelare Cafe since today is Tuesday, their waffles is half price on Tuesday... Who knows i did it again, i bought shoes!!! Instead of 1 pair, i bought 2!!! Somemore same design but just different colour!!! Aarrgghh, including this 2 pairs, i already bought 7 pairs within 3 weeks!!! I'm going insane i think, but just i can't help it... Those shoes is sooo pretty, i already control really hard for it... And this shoes, i saw someone wearing yesterday while i went shopping with my sis in Plaza Singapore or The Cathay not sure which, i told my sis, 'Awww, look at her shoes, so pretty, i must get it...!!!' And today i found it, so i must get it right, and they've 2 colours!!! I was totally torn while deciding which to get, so i end up got them both... Lol...Silly me...
They're flats and so comfy...!!! They're so bling and pretty, i love them both...!!! I do realised that the older i become, the more i love bling stuff... Haizzz... Now i start worrying how to store them when i get home, my shoe cabinet is exploding, same fate with my wardrobe... I think i really need to on SHOPPING BAN for a long long time... :(


  1. They look cute! Me likey black~

  2. Both also very nice, that's why i can't decide which to get and end up got both of them...Haizz...

  3. haha, that's exactly how I am! I recently bought two pairs of heels, because I couldn't choose between the two. lol
    & I also need to go on a shopping ban, but I keep buying things >_<

  4. OH Chris, I think we all NEED a shopping ban for at least one month, if not more!!! ;)

    I am mostly talking about myself...haha!

  5. I am the same like you, if I am not careful I always buy clothes or shoes with same designs but different colours :S

  6. Dana, we're the same!!! We should on shopping ban together!!! lol...

    Vonvon, yes, we really should on shopping ban, but i stay alone, no one besides me to warn me or alert me about my shopping ban...Haha...

    Cyndi, we gotta be very becareful start now, i always regret after getting some stuffs, hopefully not these 2 pairs of beauty...


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