Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can anyone help me...???

This is one of my favorite drink, it's a white grape juice drink with cute packaging... I discovered this drink 8 years ago in Singapore... As you can see it's a product of The Coca Cola company, this is sooo tasty, refreshing and it's enriched with vitamin C, B complex and Calcium... But this time when i'm in SG, i can't find it anymore, can anyone tell me where can get this drink now? I miss the White Grape taste so much... :(


  1. i so prefer white grape to red ones.
    haha wonder if i'd be the same with white wine.
    what i do know is Qoo is a beverage offered in Sakae Sushi but only the apple & orange flavour.
    i've seen it in giant too i think.

  2. My school vending machine is selling it. Lolz.
    I used to get one to cool down myself. Lolz.
    Not sure whether it is still around in my school or not.

  3. Lynn, really Giant got it??? I definately will go look for it...

    Ryan, thx for stopping by... I get to drink this 2 days ago in one of the Japanese restaurant in Plaza Singapore, but i can't find it at other places like Cold Storage, Carrefour and 7-eleven... Wondering where else got sell, this used to can get it everywhere... :(


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