Monday, May 18, 2009

CANMAKE hauls...

I got CANMAKE Make Me Happy perfume( it's smells so sweet and lovely), Powder Cheeks in PW23(very nice peachy pink blush), Eye Nuance in 13 (Eyeshadow trio), and got a free single eyeshadow in 02(very nice peachy beige colour)... I know i'm in Singapore and all this is more $$ here, but i got the Perfume and Eyeshadow trio in a set in cheaper price, and got the single eyeshadow free, so i think it's ok to get here... Can anyone tell me the retail price of those stuff i bought??
I got my Manicure done today too, it's very very $$ to do this kind of stuff here... Only manicure a;ready cost me SG$25 (about RM60++) with free 2 simple nail arts, this is for plain classic manicure only, i wanna do the spa one badly but the price is unbearable so i will only get it done when i back to KL...


  1. whoa.
    hehe must make sure if i go singapore need to control my wallet.
    canmake im only interested in their eyelash essence and highligh cheek duo thingy. :P

  2. powder cheeks is RM34.90 in sasa if not mistaken :)

    trios is rm29.90 (last time saw in watsons)

    dunno bout the singles though :)

    the powder cheeks are good! i have it in PW20, the most famous colour in JP magz, and am wanting pw19! goddd! so pretty!

  3. cute haul, can't wait to see what they all look like on you!

  4. Lynn, yeah, my wallet hurts big time here...

    Plue, thx for the information, will check out PW19 2moro...

    Dana, thx for stopping by, i still too shy to post my face

  5. dear how much did you get them for each item? I didn't know they have perfumes. The powder cheeks looks good!

  6. The retail price is:
    Powder cheecks-SG$14.90
    Single e/s: SG$13.90
    Trio e/s : SG$16.90 i think
    Perfume SG$39.90...

  7. Thanks a lot Chris! Oh yea, enjoy your stay in Singapore!


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