Sunday, May 17, 2009

Etude House Mascara Remover...

I heart this so much now...!!! Mainly bcoz it's pink in colour...Lol.. The bottom part should look more baby pink/pink then this dark maroony colour, i just can't capture the real colour... It's a bi-phase eye make up remover, as usual just shake it well b4 pouring out on a cotton pad, to me, somehow it works better than Loreal and Maybelline one...

This really works, it doesn't require much rubbing, one cotton per eye is all i need to remove my waterproof mascara, really nice to use and not as oily as others... The packaging is adorable too, who can resist pink anyway... Haha, i definately will get this again, it's retailing for RM18.90 if i'm not mistaken... The bottle is quite handy for traveling too... :)


  1. I'm using Maybelline's. The removal was quite alright but it's a little oily after that. Which is more oily? Maybelline's or Etude House's?

  2. To me, Etude house is a lil better, the mascara metled a lil faster too...

  3. hehe im using elianto one.
    i remember its slightly more exp than maybelline
    in terms of price/ml since maybelline always got sales.
    how many ml is this? :P

  4. It's not with me now, but i think it's 100ml... Elianto to me need 2 cotton pad per eye and a lil too oily... I was using the cucumber one and green tea, still same, oily...

  5. i use one cotton pad per eye.
    have to rub and ya oily.
    i hate oily feeling.
    damn scared later milla seeds grow.
    but cause i reaad plue's review.
    she say maybelline slightly more oily
    so i went with elianto lo.
    that time got 10% sales.
    so same price with maybelline

  6. i used loreal, maybelline and elianto, and stuck with maybellien and elianto :P

    for me, maybelline more oily than elianto lor, i wonder if the pomegranate from eliato is DC or not >_<

    oh ya, does EH removes MJ/ Kiss Me well? So far Elianto and Maybelline does very well. Hehe. :D

  7. This one sounds good. Currently using Loreal but if Etude House is better I may go for it instead. So it is in 100ml?

  8. I'm using L'Oreal at the moment, my very first bottle, yet I haven't finished it yet, nearly though xD I hardly use any waterproof mascara, but so far L'Oreal does a good job. Perhaps when I run out of my current eye makeup remover, I'm gonna give this one a try ^^ I happened to see it today at EH store :D

  9. Plue, yes, i was using Kiss Me mascara ans this did a good job...

    Cyndi, to me this is a lil better than Loreal, IMO la..Keke...

    Shuu, the price is fine to try out, no harm and the packaging is super pretty... :)


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