Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm totally obsessed with this drink right now...

I get to know about this from Popteen magazines, their models is adding this drink into their diet plan... Why they're adding Coke into their diet? They're on diet, aren't they? And then this make me curious about what is this Zero means, i googled it and then found out this Coke is ZERO Calories, ZERO Protein, ZERO fat, ZERO Carbohydrate and ZERO Sugar!!! How cool is that? This is really possible, drinking coke while you on diet!!! While i was in Bangkok, i was drinking this all the time, whenever i feel thirsty, i will go to 7-eleven and get this, i even bought the big 1.5L to put besides my bed in the hotel... And now while i in SG, i same buy a few of the big 1.5L bottle and drink all the time, replace my drinking water, coz i really love sweet stuff... I know we human should drink WATER, but it's tasteless, this Coke Zero is so cool... Wondering why haven launched in Malaysia coz i only see this in Thailand and Singapore... This is my beauty drink, what's yours?


  1. I tasted this before when I was in Aussie but I still prefer the original coke and vanilla coke. It's totally diet concerned because it doesn't have sugar.

  2. Yarr, Zero for everything, Zero sugar and Zero Calorie... So genius..Lol...

  3. i once heard (from my chemistry teacher) that its worst to consume something claiming to have zero sugar.
    if its zero sugar and its still sweet
    it only means their using artificial sugar which is worst for the health.
    example of artificial sugar are aspartame and saccharin (example = equal)
    they are commonly used in diet sodas
    saccharin has once been banned and as you know any substance derived arent exactly good. natural would be better.
    saccharin is 500 times and aspartame is 300 times sweeter than original sugar.

    my beauty drink?
    currently its cranberry juice.
    just cause im all out to prevent my UTI from reoccuring.
    ladies who once experience UTI is very prone to reoccurance and i cant bear it to happen again. the disaster! urghh

  4. Lynn is right about all the artificial sweetening stuff, etc.

    My beauty drink is simply plain old cold water with slices of lemon in it....really refreshing. Sometimes, when I am out and about and feeling thirsty, I would indulge myself in a bottle of Evian or Perrier....:)

  5. Lynn, it's scary...!!!

    Vonvon, you're so healthy, drinking water only...I definately can't do it, i can't live without sweet stuff...

  6. me too.
    i cant live without sweet stuff.
    last time i almost never drink plain water one lo
    must have flavour.
    but now cause weather so hot.
    sweet stuff all let me drink finish before my mum can go giant.
    so forced to drink water :(


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