Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm happy today...!!!

I'm happy today... !!! Why? Coz i had Happy Crab as supper...!!! See, i'm not lying, it really called happy crab... Somemore the boss is so generous, he spent us a bottle of Heinekan beer, not small but the biggest 640ml one... So kind of him, he said my sis is his regular customer, so she got special treat...Hehe... This restaurant is named Sum Kee which is located at Zion Rd, right opposite Great World City, i definately will come again, coz the crab is so yummy and fresh...!!!
We ordered 2 grilled crabs, me amd my sis had 1 each... The size of the crab is consider big and got a lot of meat... So it's very worth it, it's SG$20 for 1 crab, slightly smaller size will be SG$18 each...
Got 3 types of sauces for you to dip with, wasabi with soy sauce, mayonaise and special chili sauce... Personally i love the wasabi, coz the crab meat is so fresh, taste so good with wasabi and soy sauce...
Can see how juicy is the crab? This picture tells it all... It's just taste so good...!!! I'm really satisfied... :)


  1. OMG! That looks go Yummy!! *drools* I haven't had crab in such a long time :(

  2. Dana, it's really yummy... I'll have allergic if i had seafood and milk, but i'll still eat them coz i can't resist food one... I can imagine how much breakout i'll get 2moro coz i had 1 whole crab... :(

  3. WAHHH it looks good!!! You made me hungry! CRAB I will eat you again!

  4. i love crab!!!
    but i only love marmite one!
    cause its sweet! :P

  5. Gosh, i'm drooling. WHere is this, Chris? I'll definitely go have a try


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