Sunday, April 19, 2009

NANO 365 Spring Rose Mineral Scrub

The reason i bought this is purely it was my birthday month, and the beauty salon that i went for facial is carrying this brand and told me i can get 50% off of their stuff coz i'm a member... After the beautician showed me this body scrub, i straight take it, it's only RM59.90 and now i can get 50% off, so for the price RM30 i can get this can that full of goodies, not a bad idea right...
The ingredients : See, got rose petals!!! Lavender essential oil, grape seed oil, rosehip seed oil... You'll feel very pampered when using this scrubs...!!!The whole can is full of goodies for your skin... Feed your skin, it's thirsty...!!!Can see the salts? It's kinda grainy, but once contact with water, it'll melt right away... It's a good scrubs, the smell is so relaxing, same like you're doing spa in the spa center... But bcoz it's contains many types of essential oil, it'll benefit more to dryer skin... If you feel it's kinda oily after use, you can wash it away anyway, just kinda wasted the essential oil only... So, if you want to have baby like skin, scrub your skin 1-2 times a week... So it can get rid of dead skin cells so that your skin won't look dull and scaly... I definately will buy it again, i love the essential oil scent and the rose petals... :)

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