Friday, April 17, 2009

Masks, Masks, Masks...

I'd just got them today!!! It's so heavy, luckily the seller can send to my doorsteps, if not the postage gonna be very $$... I'm loving this masks to death, it's a Taiwan brand, so far you only can get them online... Thanks for Elyn advise and monitoring, i'd learn from her and do this masks everyday regardless which type, it had been 5 days non stop and i really can see the difference!!! I can see my skin is well hydrated, more even tone, pores is finer and lesser breakouts too... I think i dun need to go to beauty saloon do facial anymore, hehe...Below are my 2 favorites among the rest:
This is the Milk Extract favour, i love the smell!!! It's milky smell and makes me feel so relax and my skin can see much brighten after each use... If you don't like milky smell then you can try this:
This is the Green Tea extract, it's meant for purifying... So it's best for lighten scar or prevent for breakouts... Anyhow, i love them all!!! So far, all gives me good results... I haven try all the types bcoz the seller is OOS for many types, anyway, i'll keep trying and posting... :)


  1. Yeah, i love too do masks, and now start practicing to do it everyday... :)

  2. HAHAHAHAHA......dear you finally post this up liao har.....yup the mask is damn good....make sure you do it EVERYDAY har...then your skin would be as smooth as "tau fu far" lubb this Mask !!

  3. Yala, wanna learn from you mah, we both together be 'tau fu far'

  4. which seller you got it from?
    how much per piece?
    i also tempted to try laaa :P

  5. Lynn, I got it from a seller named Tineling in LYN... She's a good seller, highly recommended her... Btw, i think i'd got all her stocks already, lol...I got it at RM2 per pc... I love reading your blog, keep up the good job ya babe... :)

  6. thanks for the compliment girl :)
    i like reading yours too.
    but i just discovered it la so recently only linked you :P
    ok will check tineling out.
    i found another seller at RM 2 per piece but then she have limited types :(

    p/s: i am bitching about "her" services too :)

  7. really nice to use? they are so cheap~

  8. many masks! It's very cheap at RM2 a piece. Too bad I haven't bought from LYN. Mind giving me her contact? pls email me:

    Thanks. :) have a good day.

  9. Lynn, i'll only buy from TineLing now coz she stay in Cheras too, she brought the mask to my doorsteps, save on postage... Shirley, they're really good... Vonvon, i'd emailed you her thread and contact no....:)


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