Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My ELF hauls finally arrived!!!

After waiting for so long, finally they're here... I'm lucky enough to get them during their 50% off for their Studio line, and this is my first time trying ELF stuff after hearing many positive reviews... I got them from spreeing by MalaysianBeautyStore.Com, this is my first and last trade with her, i promised to myself i'll only get my US stuff from Ryan aka Sgdrugstore forever and ever...Lol...
I got myself the Blush & Bronzer Compact, Primer and Liner Sealer, Complexion Brush and Concealer Pencil & Brush... My first impression towards the Blush & Bronzer Compact is 'OMG, it's soo big!!!' Can you imagine i got it for 50% and it's only RM9, it's sooo worth it!!! The Complexion Brush is sooo soft... I'll write a reviews for them real soon... My Ulta parcel also arrived and inside is my Max Factor's stuff!!! Will reveal what's in it soon too... Keke...

1 comment:

  1. cant wait for your review on the eye primer and liner sealer. :)
    i agree with you i also had my first and last experience with MBS!
    look forward to deal with ryan soon :P


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