Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Max Factor Vivid Impact Eyeshadow Duo

Smoking Rose 150
Domino Effect 170

I ordered this from spree by Ryan aka, and it arrived to my doorsteps unespected... It's so fast!!! Here is my 2 new babies that arrived the next day of my ELF spree... I got myself Smoking Rose 150 (frosted pink with dark moss green) and Domino Effect 170 (dark grey with silver shimmer and shimmery white)... I haven open the domino effect bcoz i got similiar stuff, so i show u now the colour for the smoking rose, it's a very nice colour!!! The pink is so sweet and won't make your eyes looks swollen and the dark moss green is so sexy coz it got some faint sparkle in it... I gonna love it coz the colour is so intense, it's shows with just 1 stroke!!!
Awww, my camera sux!!! The colour should be much nicer than this, i just can't capture it... :(

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