Thursday, April 9, 2009

ELF Concealer Pencil & Brush

From the web : Conceal and heal your acne with on the spot treatment. The medicated formula has active Salicylic Acid & Tea Tree Oil to clear blemishes and reduce scarring. The soft taklon bristle brush aids in creating a natural looking coverage under or over makeup so blemishes disappear and your true beauty shines through.

Directions : Use the “conceal” side of the pencil to cover up any unwanted blemishes or imperfections. Use the “blend” brush to work the formula into the skin to create a beautiful and even coverage.
My reviews : Faster go and get it!!! I would say it's god damn good... Hehe... It's so creamy,non drying and so easy to apply, just one stroke or dot enough to cover imperfections already... The brush that come with it also very good, it's thick, fluffy and firm enough for blending... The one i'm using is in 'LIGHT' colour, it's suits my NC25/30 skin so well, i can use this alone without any make up to cover my flaws... For the sake of USD$3, you can't expect it'll be sooo amazing, it even come with a shapener for it as the cap of the concealer!!!... Definately is a must have in everybody make up bag... :)


  1. yee! i also want this! i am currently dying to get the perfect concealer :P

    i am so gonna wait for the next ELF spree!

  2. Lol...Yeah, i already become the spoke person for this concealer pencil...Haha...

  3. XD..if this use this under eye wll it be too dry?


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