Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Herbaline Nano Pimples Cream

* Contains natural Hamamelis Extract and Brown Algae extract, effectively controls and isolates
pimples and blister.

* The comprehensive 7-in-1 functions include : removes cutin, regulates oily secretion, kills bacteria, anti-inflammatory, tighten pores, heals and repairs, prevents pimple scars and marks .

-Suitable for pimples, oily and scars skin, day use and can be applied all over the face.

-My Review : This is my Holy Grail pimple cream, i can't live without it... This is so good and amazing..!!! If you quite often use pimple cream/gel or any spots treatment, once you tried this you'll know why it's so different with others... It's not drying and won't irritate your skin, unlike others that'll make your skin even redder and peeled...It can be used over/under make up too, or apply a thin layer all over face when you're not using any make up bcoz it's slightly tinted, so can make the spots less visible... Seldom heard pimple cream can apply all over face ya, and this one can, bcoz it's not harsh and it's effective!!! I can even swear i'll never ever change to any other brand for pimple cream bcoz none of it can do better than this... It also can lighten scar and prevent marks, so for just RM50 eventhou it's only 10g, i would say it's worth it!!! Bcoz one small tube can last you long long time, and it also come with size 25g that retailing for RM110... I still prefer the smaller size coz it already can lasts you for months and you can toss into your bag and bring it anywhere... You can get this in any Hebaline beauty saloon, they got many branches too... You can look for details in their website, www.herbaline.com.my... Their skincare and treatment also not bad, currently i'm having my facial done in their Sg. Wang branch, it's good... :)


  1. im been try it .... not so good....
    it coz my face dull dead cells
    dry n pimples still break out wif deep mark.\i purchase wif ampoule rm 113 n green aloe moisturizer rm 60..... din see any increasement gettin somore worst

  2. i using almost 1 mth ...feel still ok

  3. After i've use Herbalnie product, i feel it's very gentle on my skin and i likes the smell or the product as well, it's natural.. U cant see the result of the pimple cream in just one month, u need to use it consistently and will see the result after some time, as the product uses natural ingredient, which will not be too harsh on our skin.

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  5. i had tried...is gentle to my skin..my skin is worse..not even better once..i'm so glad to meet Herbaline^^

  6. i had tried 2 months a go...its feelgood.cos my pimples n scars on my face almost clear...u must try it!!!

  7. Is it good? I feel like got more blackheads like that. But i don't know yet lah. Probably cause I never wash clean enough. My opinion is that after applying this, you really have to wash super clean or there will be residue, causing red bumps. So apply it as usual but rmb to wash it clean and you will see results! All the best girls! (:

  8. Just bought one..i'll give it a test and just wait for da results ya..;)


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