Saturday, April 4, 2009

Finally I'm back!!!

It's such a long story and i'm not going to tell why i'm now in KL instead of KK, by right i should be still in KK till 23th this month... Anyhow, i'm back!!! This incident made me realised, i live my life the way i wanted coz that's how i want it to be... Nobody can stop me doing it, no matter what, i'm still me... My mom get me into this world is to enjoy my life, not to suffer a single bit, so obviosly i'm not gonna let her down...
My dad brought me to meet a fortune teller yesterday and he's so good... It's like, out of a sudden, i just stop dreaming and realised who i am actually... He recalled all my wishes and dreams that i used to have, and warned me better start off right now coz i'm not young anymore... If i wanna live the life that suppose to have, i should stop lazying around and start working my ass off... And i can't agree with him more!!! Hehe... :)


  1. Chris ! You need to pay me now , I want my money because I am your ONLY fortune teller and has been telling you the exact same thing since day one I met you....hahahahaha !!!

    you lazy bum....get up and get going more time to waste your present helps to dictate/decide your future....make a different la....:P

  2. Btw....Welcome back...!!! *hugs*

  3. Thank you!!! I'm so happy coming back too...!!!Of coz i'll fight for my future, all the fortune tellers told me exact same thing, i'll be successful one, just i'm too lazy... Hahaha...


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