Saturday, March 28, 2009

Confessions Of A Shopaholic The Movie...

I love this tagline : A new job? Hopefully. A new man? Possibly. A new handbag? Absolutely!
All in all, it's a great movie, i'd a good laugh in the cinema today and i enjoyed it from the starting till ending... Such a long time don't have a nice movie that so caught my attention after Sex And The City the movie... Isla Fisher fit this role really well, it's so fun watching her coz she's so adorable... The storyline is awesome and i'm touched, Luke Brandon(Hugh Dancy) is so sexy, they just made a perfect couple!!! I'm impressed while the scene was talking about Rebecca(Isla Fisher)'s able to control her shopping urge and don't step into the stores and all the mannequins stood up and clapped hands, it was so cool and meaningful... Besides that, this movie also brings up awareness about credit card debt, it's really a big no-no and should highly beware of, especially right now, coz the economic situation right now is so depressing, i feel so guilty after my each shopping spree... :( Anyhow, this movie did made my day, coz it reminds me so much about my past *hint*... ;P

P/s : To all shopaholics, this movie is a MUST WATCH, don't miss the chance to have a good laugh!!!

Read together with me : " My wallet is closed and i don't wanna shop!!!" Hahaha...


  1. Can't wait to get a hold watching this!!!

  2. Yeah, i wanted to watch this for so long, ever since i saw the poster in the cinema, i told myself i must go watch it... And finally, i get to watch it, feel so satisfied...Haha..


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