Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wrong, So wrong...

I always wondering, why is it most of the things i have done and decisions made is always wrong... Why i always gotta regret for what i did and said... Why is this keep on happening to me and don't seems improving? I do sit down and think over and over what happened, figured out why and warned myself don't repeat it again but it'll still come back to me no matter what... I already think twice b4 i made any decisions and stuff, but the things is just din get any better... Samething to what i bought, no matter how long i wanting it, dreaming about it, but once i get to own it, i'll regret for getting them... This is so wrong... Anybody can tell me why???


  1. well maybe you just need more time to think to make decision. or you can always bring a friend or more to help you instead.

  2. What a good advice!!! I'm sure will practice it, life is short, why make it so miserable while you can make it better?.. :)


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