Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Perfect Whip Face Wash by Shiseido

Description from web : Shiseido's Perfect cleansing series has been widely popular and well reviewed due to its effectiveness in not only removing makeup, but its ability to draw out trapped dirt, unclog pores and remove even stubborn blackheads from the pores.

Perfect Whip Face Wash has been voted as the #1 foam cleanser by leading beauty magazine, Biteki, for 3 years straight since its debut in 2003. A super lathering foam cleanser, Perfect Whip Face Wash can create 5 times the lather of any other cleanser. Super fine and rich lather can remove even the most hidden dirt, sebum and blackheads from the pores, leaving the skin clean and healthy. Rich in amino acids, it does not dry out skin. It is colorant free, allergy tested. 120g.

My reviews : This foaming wash is awesome!!! I bought back 10 tubes from my previous Taiwan trip, so you can imagine how much i love it... The foam is so fine and thick, you can imagine how's nice is the foam from it's name 'Perfect Whip' itself, you just need tiny bit, add some water, without much effort you already can make a nice thick foam , without the need of using those foaming sponge and stuff... After each wash i can feel my skin is so clean without the tightness, yes, no tight feeling!!! It's so cool, nowadays is hard to find a cleanser that cleanse well without the tight feeling or over cleanse your skin... I'll definately purchase it again if i got go Taiwan again, coz this item is not available in Malaysia (this reason makes me love it more!!*hehe*)...


  1. weiiiiii I am taking Both tubes.....I love it very much....keep them for me k....:D

  2. I'm sure will keep them for you dear, there's my last 2 tubes... Hahaha...

  3. 10 tubes will be a long-term supply....hahaha!

  4. Yeah, i bought extra and let go some to Elyn... :)

  5. That's so nice and generous of you!


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