Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Butterfly Project's Massage Party...Why I need a massage?

Whether you're on your feet all day or shackled to a desk, there's no better way to unwind than a relaxing foot, neck or shoulder rub. Massages don't just feel good, they do good, benefiting almost every part of the body. Massage helps to release stress and improve balance in the body/mind environment, and as a result, allows a more balanced perspective in stressful situations.
Ever since i started my own makeup brush line, i'm having this stressful lifestyle, dealing with customers, packing and sending out customer's orders, getting ideas for new designs, looking for more suppliers... I need a good massage to de-stress, refreshed and renew myself!!! When was the last time you had one? For me it's months ago, i needed one so badly now!!!

I'm so glad that  The Butterfly Project- Beauty Bloggers is throwing a Massage Party on 6th July, collaborating with Amante Nail Spa & Body Care ... Details as below :
How cool is that? A MASSAGE PARTY for bloggers!!! Imagine all the bloggers are gathered  together, keep calm and relax in this serene ambience... Ahhh, mad love...
(photo credited to Amante's FB & website)
 Besides getting a good massage, get to know more bloggers, making friends, it's a PARTY going on too because we have Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party  the party planner onboard!!! I've seen Joey's POWER during Plus Size Kitten Blog Birthday Movie Party at TGV last week... She made us a awesome dessert table in Superman theme!!! How creative and cool is that?
(photo credited to Ask Joey 's FB album)
Not only that,  Photobooth Malaysia is sponsoring us a nice photo booth for us to have nice picha taking session too, so cool right...
(photo credited to Photobooth Malaysia's FB album)

 Hopefully i'm able to join this Massage Party, it'll be an awesome party that shouldn't be missed...

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