Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New blogskin is LOVE...

Finally, the new blogskin! How do you like it? I'm madly in love with it right now... I wanted something more classy with my favorite Crown icon with Versailles details rather than the princessy pinky Star look that was my old blogskin... I'm too old for that

So, what i have added to this blogskin?

1). Link to my 'C.Queen' fb page.
2). Link to my Instagram
3). Categories of my posts. so that it's looks more organized now... <3
4). Cute little Crown as my custom cursor, super love the pink dust effect when scrolling it... ^^
5). Signature at the end of my post
6). New 'About ME'
7). New 'Header' with my own brand name 'C.Queen'

New Header
Thanks for Sabrina for making all this happened...!!! She my little Angel now... ^^ She's really super good at it, she delivered EXACTLY what i wanted!!! She even made me a 'How To' guide, about step by step how to add more banner, how to add watermark in pictures and much more, she print screen everything and indicated each step and labeled and highlighted everything for me, so that IT idiot like me also know how to do it... :)
 So detail right? I'm glad that i found her, lucky me...^^ And yeah, do check out her blog, she's cute.. :)

P/S : Ooh, i'm loving my new 'Watermark' too, thank you Sabrina...


  1. really cute . congrate !!


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