Saturday, October 3, 2009

Help me to choose...!!!

Lunasol new fall collection, the Star Shower Eyes palettes is so pretty...!!! How can i resist it??? There're 5 colours in this collection but i only like 3 of them, which is 02, 03 & 04...
#02 Medium Night
#03 Dazzling Night
#04 Star River

Arrrghhh, all so pretty, i really can't decide... Can you all help me to choose, tell me which one is your fave among this 3??? I only can buy 1... :(


  1. hi dear, jennymsc here, i vote for Dazzling night! I might wanna get them too! urghhh hands icthy.. haha

  2. definitely dazzling night!
    the other two is easier to dupe it off but the blue in dazzling night is totally unique

  3. Medium night for more natural...Dazzling night for a great smoky eyes!!

  4. medium night all the way~

    i adore the green!

  5. ooo... pls choose Dazzling Night! The colors is so pretty!!!!

  6. 4# star river ,because can use most of the time!!!

  7. i like dazzling night... so seducing.. XD get that 1!!!!!!!!!!

  8. paiseh.. I like Medium Night :D Nice greensssssssss

  9. i thought u don like green?
    i prefer star river as the purple colour wont make our eyes look puffy because if its blue undertone.

  10. Hi there!! Hmm I would have to go with Dazzling night or Medium Night! But they're all three so pretty!

    Aaah you have such a difficult decision ahead of you! I wish you all the luck ^_^!! Ciao!

    PS: Thanks for stopping by in my blog! I really appreciate it ^_^! XO


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