Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Away to Thailand notice...

I got so many post haven blog about, i also have no idea why i'm so lazy... And now suddenly 2moro gonna leaving to Thailand... This month is a good month, i can go to Thailand and Taiwan on 27th... Really very exciting for it, i love love love to travel... No matter how near or far, as long as out of KL/Selangor area i can feel i'm traveling already... LoL...

Life is short, remember to enjoy it, don't waste time on unhappy stuff/ppl, it's just wasting your time, life is precious, so value it with lots of fun... Life is meant to be enjoyable, not miserable... Oh ya, i'm going with my bf this round, it's first in this year, coz early of the year he's bz working in overseas, so no time go travel with me, so i must value this few days of short trip in Thailand... So, you guys stay happy and have good day k... :)


  1. have fun in thailand chris ;)

  2. wow, thailand. I miss going there, miss the food, massage and shopping!

    btw, if you really like japan makeup, you can check out suqqu, its only available in UK, BKK and JP.

  3. omg you are going to Thailand!!! hooray. my mother land!!!! ^___^

    Besides from historical place and the beach, don't miss this shopping place, you must definitely go. ^_^

    - Platinum mall
    - Sum Peng in China town, Bangkok
    - JJ market or Ja-tu-jak
    - Suan Loom night Bazar

    hope you have a lot of fun.
    from Thai shopaholic gal.

  4. Enjoy your trip in Thailand. I just LOVE Thailand!


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