Saturday, July 18, 2009

Grand opening of my online beauty store and news about my own jewelry line...!!!

Hey guys, i know i'm lacking of update my blog and now i'm BACK in action...!!! First thing to announce is my online beauty store is officially being created...!!! I really working my heart out for this and hoped you all can support me, i hand carry those fragile item all the way back here, it's really heavy...!!!

Second thing is I'm going to have my own accessories/jewelry line soon, i'll be creating my own brand for it... I'm buzy drawing/designing the pieces now, first round i'll be making 10 designs and it's all will be custom made in Taiwan... It's very new for me and i really hoped i can make it and yes i need to travel alot coming soon for my jewelry line...

So, right now i'm proud to intro you all my newly created online beauty store...



  1. Woot! I love the things you have in your store! I am busy looking at it now. Congrats girl! Bring more stuff to Malaysia, babe!

  2. weee welcome back
    and it sounds owh so fun :)
    dropping by your store now :D

  3. own jewelry line? tats so COOL!
    cant wait for that.
    wish u all the best

  4. Thanks you all, i'll work really hard and show you all when my jewelry line is done k... :)

  5. Congratulations on the opening of your blogshop! :)

  6. Hey Chris, congrats on your blogshop :)

  7. Wow! YAY for your new shop!! ^__^

  8. I really touched when reading those wishes from you all... Thanks you all so much... Kiss...


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