Monday, July 27, 2009

Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets- Handy Pack...

From the web : Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets handy pack offers women, a quick and convenient way of removing makeup anytime, anywhere - whether its at the gym or when travelling overseas. It's bye-bye to separate makeup removers and messy piles of cotton wool!

Gentle on your skin but tough on makeup, Bior Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheet is a cinch in dissolving face, eye and lip makeup - even stubborn ones like waterproof mascara and long-wearing foundation and lipstick.

It leaves no oily after-feel, thanks to the high-performance yet light and smooth cleansing oil that is present in the cotton sheets. Alcohol-free and enriched with moisturising agents to hydrate your skin without irritation, it is made of 100% natural cotton fibre to render tenderness on your skin with a pleasant fragrance.

My reviews : It really does what it claims, i brought this with me to Taiwan, and it's really remove all my make up!!! I just bring this and my Laneige Multi Cleanser and they're perfect match, leave my skin clean and fresh...!!! No need to mention it's so handy!!! It's remove my Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara so well, eventhou it's not waterproof, but it can last me whole day without smudging for the Summer weather in Taiwan, but this wipes can remove all of it...
Let the picture do the talking... My foundation and powder is remove by the other side, i forgot take pic of it... LoL...


  1. wow it does sound very handy! may I know where do you get this? :)

  2. I got mine from Taiwan... I think i saw it in Singapore too...

  3. Ya. Singapore did carry this.
    10 pcs pack is SIN 2.90, the 48 pcs pack is SIN 13.90 and refill pack is SIN 11.90.

  4. OMG, Ryan, how come you know all the prices!!! Somemore can remember so well!!! Haha...

  5. wow it sure looks like you got all your mascara off from that picture. I usually have the most trouble with removing mine because I use a waterproof mascara that is so stubborn to get off.

  6. The mascara i used is not waterproof, but the eyeliner yes... It still can remove it so well... COz the wipes contains cleansing oil, but don't have the greasiness at all...

  7. whoa!
    too bad this item is not readily available in malaysia
    else i will convince my mum to get some and "steal" hers too :P


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