Monday, June 8, 2009

Laneige Multi Cleanser...

From the web : A new 3-in-1 cleanser functioning as makeup remover + foam cleanser + super fine scrub. - Ultra fine particles containing 100¥ìm Micro cellulose beads completely remove the makeup residue. - AHA mixtures extracted from 5 plants (orange, lemon, bilberry, sugar cane and sugar maple) keep your skin elastic, and ivy extracts and vitamin E agent purifies skin impurities.

- Squeeze out around 2cm and gently massage over the damp face to melt makeup away.
- Can be used for removing heavy point makeup on lip & eye area. When used daily, it removes skin impurities in the pores and makes the skin look brighter.
From the pic you can't feel it's big, but in real life, it's such a big tube, it's 180ML and i believe it'll last me a long long time...

Me reviews : I love it...!!! It's my HG cleanser right now... I get to know this thru BUBBI, she's swear by this cleanser and it's 1 of the 6 items that she can't live without... You all should know how much i love her and of coz i'll go give this a try to see how good is it and make Bubbi loves it so much... And now i know why, it's so good, i can feel my skin is sooo clean after each wash and i can see my skin glow after first wash... Imagine how CLEAN is this thing can be, but i dun recommend this for dry skin thou, it'll suit best with combi and oily skin... The scent is kinda fruity and refreshing, i like it so much, and the cleanser is in light pink colour, makes my mood better too while washing face...Haha... It's retailing at RM80 for 180ML which i think is a very reasonable price for a big tube... I definately will repurchase it... :)


  1. This sounds like something I should try - Where can I buy it at?

  2. Any Laneige counter in department store, it's a Korean brand, wondering in your country got or not... You can get it online anyway, many website also have it, just dunno which website the shipping rate is the lowest for your country...:)

  3. wow RM80 for 180ml? that's a good price if it works wonder :D

  4. Yarr, when i saw the size,, i no need think twice straight grab...Lol...


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