Sunday, June 7, 2009

Biore Cleansing Milk...

From the web :完全水洗式,深層卸粧更清爽
It's meant for make up removing...
This amount (2 pumps) is all you need, enough to remove you face make up...

My reviews : This is so good, i got this from Taiwan, and obviously it's not available locally and i really dunno why all the good stuff is always can't get it here... Again i get to know this is bcoz it's so famous in Taiwan, can see it's ads everywhere and it's reviews is so positive in Urcosme... It's in the Top10 chart too for best make up remover... It got a very pleasant fragrance which is not strong and refreshing, i love the smell a lot and it's not oily at all... From the pic you can see the texture is between liquid and milk, very easy to spread... I only use this to remove face make up so i dunno how it works for eye make up, anyhow, i strongly recommend this to everyone even very oily and acne prone skin coz it's really won't cause breakout and even sensitive skin also can use coz it's very mild too... It's retailing for NT$200 only, i can't wait for my next Taiwan trip coz i need to stock up on this love... Besides Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion, anymore good cleansing milk that's non comedogenic to recommend???


  1. Wow, cute layout you have here^^

    This one is really liquidy! Much liquid than normal milk cleanser. Which one do you think is better, Neutrogena or this? I am planning to get Neutrogena after I finish current cleansing milk.

    Anyway, I have used Eucerin and Clarins cleansing milk. Eucerin one is really mild but I think it cleanses really well. I only use it to remove sunblock so I don't know whether it can remove makeup.

    I personally think Clarins cleans even better than Eucerin but can still feel oily after rinsing it. But after you towel dry your skin, it will feel clean again. I only use it to remove sunblock also so not sure whether it can remove make up. Anyway, saw that my skin is clearer after using Clarins so I would say it is good :)

  2. Cyndi, i like both of them... But Neutrogena Deep Clean not suit sensitive skin coz it's a lil strong, when it gets in eyes or lips it's sting badly... But if you use carefully, it's a very nice remover that's not oily at all...


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