Friday, May 1, 2009

Paul & Joe Milky Lip Treatment (Disney Collection)

Today i wanna show you all the lip balm that i use daily and can't live without at the moment coz i just love it so much, it's too cute to resist, it's Marie Cat!!! I'm lucky to get it, it was the last pc and it's only the 2nd day since it launched... Retailing for RM55, i would say the price is fine for a Paul & Joe product, and it's limited edition...!!!
The balm is milky in colour with pink pearls, so when apply on lips it'll become milky pink, really light and sweet... It's very moisturizing and not sticky at all, it taste and smell like strawberry too... I still wondering go for which lip balm next when this is finished... Any recommendation?


  1. wow this lip balm looks so silky.
    as if my lips will melt in softness using this.
    so adorable :)

  2. Yeah, it's really adorable... Wondering how to live without it when it's finish... Haiz..

  3. Cyndi, yeah, it's really cute... :)

  4. girl i just saw female mag yesterday.
    april issue has a recommendation of good lipbalms under RM 20 or 30.
    some seems really good.
    im tempted too.
    maybe you can check out their recommendation?

  5. nice haul... I was gonna get this but I got the paul and joe alice in wonderland fantasy collectioninstead. The lipstick is super cute!

    Just came across your blog and read some nice interesting posts. Have followed you.

    stop by sometime =)



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