Friday, May 1, 2009

Gifts From An Angel...

Tadaaaa... She definately not a human, she's an Angel!!! She keep on remind me dun need to thank her or whatever, but i insist to do it anyway... What i can do is just dun mention her name... Lol... I think many ppl will know who is she anyway, she has been acting like a Santa Claus, wakakaka... So for this time, she got me 4 pcs of Eyeko Face off Cleansing Wipes and Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki Brush( It's sooo adorable and it's PINK..Hehe..)... I love them all, will definately try on them and post a review soon ya... :)


  1. let me guess.
    is it elyn the angel?
    hahaha :)

  2. ugh, i hate the pink kabuki. scratchy. my worst brush from CS! >_<

  3. Lynn, it's secret... Hehe, she dun let me talk about it, lol..

    Plue, i tried it on hand is a lil scratchy...I'll try wash it first and condition it and see how it goes...

  4. i wash and condition, still like that >_< le sigh.

  5. I assume the mysterious person same as Lynn! Because both of use gotten some stuff from her.

    But anyways, whoever it is she is so nice and generous! I'm looking for a right kabuki for myself. I'm sticking to my buffer brush for the moment.

  6. Really ah Plue... Then is super depressing...

    Traclyn, yes, she is super nice and generous... :)


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