Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Makeup Masala and Eyeko arrived!

Eyeko!!! It's free shipping all the way from London, no minimum spend required!!! The Eyeko cream and Eyeko Tinted cream is Plue's, mine is the Touch Up & Glo and Strawberry fat balm...
Makeup Masala is free shipping from US as long as buy US$20 or above, their service is real good, got update you once they shipped and stuff... Both Makeup Masala and Eyeko also reached me in 7 days after i ordered, it's real fast!!! I got myself Jesse's Girl Color My World Baked Eyeshadows: Earthtone (It's very pretty!!!), Jesse's Girl Tattoo Pens: Black and a Eyebrow powder duo... And they give me one free samples of pigment in pink!!!

p/s: Will do review for them real soon, right now in SG having holidays... :)


  1. I just applied for being an Eyeko Ambassador and now you have their stuff! I'm broke, I want their Manga Book so much,their fat balms and eyeshadows!

  2. I joined it too, just to get freebies for my next purchase... Wanted to try the Sexy Eyes Eye beauty eyeshadow badly, but it always OOS...

  3. wow.
    you got the jesse girl baked eyeshadow!
    how much is it in rm?

  4. Hi Lynn, i got it for $4.99, it's around RM18.50++,it's big and very pretty colour... As long as buy US$20 and above, it's free shipping already, very worth it...


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