Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Beauty Elixir...

After reading Elyn's post in her blog about her beauty elixir that make her stay youth, i also decided to reveal my secret for supple skin and rosy cheeks... And here you are:
Actually it's just red dates drink, but it really benefit our skin if consume it often... This drink is meant for hydrating skin, improve blood circulation so that your skin will be more supple and rosy... I start consuming this drink since i'm 19... And yes, i've been keeping this habit for 8 years bcoz i'm those type of ppl, even drink alcohol until drunk also face won't turn red a single bit, so i need this drink to give my face some colour, somemore it's good for replenish blood for those certain period of the month...
The ingredients is very simple and cheap, only need 3 stuff, and they're:
1). Seedless red dates
2). Kei Zhi (Chinese Woflberries)
3). Honey rock sugar (you can skip this if you're on diet, coz just red dates alone already got a lil sweetness)
I have a sweet tooth, so i love sweet stuff, so i put 2 handful of red dates, 1 handful of Kei Zhi and 2-3 cubes of honey rock sugar... Just wash those ingredients and put all in the slow cooker, boil it for 2-3 hours (or longer for thicker taste) and your done, very simple... You can skip the honey rock sugar and make it a daily drink, consume as water and soon you'll say bye bye to pale skin... And now you all knows why i never look pale, this is my secret and now it's revealed... Drink this as often as you can, soon you'll see the effect... Remember, don't have ugly woman in this world, they're only lazy woman...


  1. haha im a lazy womannn
    i hope to try this.
    and elyn's one too.
    someday hopefully :)

  2. Try both and keep it a habit and you'll become the fairest of them all...Lol...

  3. even drunk u wont turn red?
    so good~!
    I just need a sip of alcohol to show my 5-years-ago scar on my face, so u imagine how red I can turn

  4. No lazy woman har....:P....good write up babe, keep them coming

  5. Esther dear, yes, i won't turn red at all even drunk...Only this drink will make my face red like a lobster, lol...

    Elyn dear, i know it's not convincing when the word 'no lazy woman'come out from my mouth...Haha...

  6. wow a very good idea chris, but some ppl just cant take this too often, too heaty for some bodies. but this is a very cheap n healthy drink afterall =)


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