Monday, April 27, 2009

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics : Color My World Baked Eyeshadows: Earthtone

From the web: Used wet or dry, baked powders are dewy and feel similar to highly micronized pigments. Since minimal binders are used in the baking process versus pressing, baked powders have the lightness of a loose powder. Sponge tip applicator included.
Transparent crystal like cover, the casing is kinda hard to open but still fine...
Swatches: It's very pigmented!!! The colour is so pretty on the lids, a very nice earth tone, a must have!!! I got it from Makeup Masala, their service is superb!!! I got my parcel 7 days all the way from US from the day i ordered, it's real fast!!! It's free shipping for US$20 or above (very worth it), and they going to increase the free shipping amount purchased, so go grab something now b4 they increased the free shipping rate to $30/35 amount purchased...!!! Their website : They've Ecotools, NYX, Avon, Jesse's girl and L.A. Girl and L.A Colors too...


  1. i sooo want this.
    haha one day i guess.
    i'll get this and nyx mosaic powder too!

  2. It's very pretty really... I struggling now, dunno wanna get all 4 colours or not, all so pretty...

  3. haha if you're getting maybe can combine shipping if you dont reach usd 20 :P

  4. Yarr, Lynn, i got mine with Elyn, she got 2 tattoo pen... We can combine shipping, add me in MSN then :)

  5. ok done :)
    haha hope they have some promo like nyx
    then i'll get it :P


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