Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shopaholic is back...!!!

I know i've been MIA again, i dunno how to tell what i've been busy about all this while till neglect my blog for so long, i'm really guilty... Today will be a good start, i just back from satisfying shopping day out, so here i am in good mood to show you my I still owe SASA the post about the Blogger's Tea Party, i'm really sorry... Will do it asap...
So, here you are my hauls for today, i got 10 pcs of clothing, a hand bag, a belt, a short pants, oh, my 2 pairs of flats is not in there... Hmmm, will take pic of it again... I seldom buy so many clothes in a day, today is strange, if shoes, yes, remember my last Singapore trip, 7 pairs of shoes in a day, i'm really crazy... Haiz Anyhow, i love what i got for today, Wednesday will go to Pavillion with pretty MIMI, wondering what i'll get on that day... Stay tune... XOXO

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