Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shoes, shoes, shoes...!!!

I'm now in Singapore for vacation and i broke my record today, i bought 7 pairs of shoes in 1 day...Sighs... They all too cute and cheaper than KL, i couldn't resist... I bought 1 boots, 2 high heels, and 4 pairs of flats... And i haven step into Charles and Keith yet, wondering how i gonna carry them back KL... :(
My favorites among 7 of them, so stylish... I love animal print, it's snake skin design... Black diamante flats, simple and nice...
I got this from Far East Plaza, it's a handphone pouch with diamante key deco, so pretty and bling in real life, and it's in PINK, love pink...!!!


  1. wow....girl u really did a happy happy happy shopping!

    I like the khaki color ballerina u bought

  2. WOW! Haha..good for you! I was never a shoe person to start with.Thank goodness, if not, i think I shall go broke..hehe..
    My sis lives in Singapore, but she buys her stuff here in Malaysia..weirrd..

  3. Singapore CK is sooo freaking cheap!! Is like Vincci thr..CK in M;sia so expensive...almost RM100+..And I do wear CK shoes :) Bought when they were discount.

  4. I just loves shoes... I can't help it... Bought again 7 pairs of shoes this round... Sigh...


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