Friday, May 28, 2010

Ettusais haul...

I know i'd MIA for some time, and now i'm BACK again... LoL... This Ettusais's haul i gotten some time ago but I've no time to blog about it... And now i'm FREE again and i'll try my best to blog as often as i can... :) I got this at special package price at RM130 which is included a Aqua Shooter Extra (Refreshing), Zero Pore Mask and a box of the Patting Cotton, my ori intention is just to try out their toner but who knows they've special set for this which include the other 2 items, so why not just add lil bit more to get the rest as well... Look at those samples!!! The SA's very generous and i like her so much coz i din ask for samples and she just gave me all these and they're 2 pcs each, so kind of her and this is what other brand/SA should practice... Her name is Winny and she's based in Isetan KLCC, for those who wanna try out Ettusais's stuff, i highly recommend go and look for her...:)


  1. welcome back. come and visit KK again, i will be waiting for you.

  2. Sure dear, i miss you so much... :(

  3. i wanna try the nite powder! will winny be nice to me? ^^
    xoxo elle

  4. Thanks Cynthia...

    Elle, I think she sure will, coz you're very nice too... :)

  5. Today I went to klcc counter, the SA Kylie/Kai Lee was so bad, first told me the samples are out of stock, then after i paid for a trial kit, she told me the sample just came, and give me one... =_=
    Just dont fine her if you wanna buy ettusais :(


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