Saturday, February 6, 2010

My new hair colour...

Chinese New Year is coming real soon, a new hair colour is a must... Thanks to my dearest Riya, i love my new hair colour so much...!!! It suppose got more purple and red, but it has been more than a week, so the colour has faded some, but now is still nice anyway...
A full lenght pic just to show my new leopard print dress from Cotton On (pls ignore my bloated figure, i'd put on so much weight), it's very nice and comfy... I got another pink leopard print babydoll dress from them too, i'll wait till CNY only wear it, their stuff is nice and affordable, you guys should check it out... :)


  1. Your hair color look nice on you ^^
    Btw, you're not fat la..Your body figure just nice for u..

  2. hey, nice color! looks fresh and nice and not too bright. :)
    anyway.. i like ur boots ler... where were u when u took this picture?
    and then Cotton On is having sales like mad... so crowded all the time! sigh

  3. hey dear, nice hair color! & shiny too! you look gorgeous too! perfect for CNY! =D

  4. I bought a leopard print tops from Cotton On but how come i didn't see this one u wearing!!!! I want. Nice hair colour, i did mine as well!

    Hope to see you next week!

  5. Bright. It looks great! Your hair is all shiny too.

  6. Cynthia, i know i'm fat, you no need 'an wei' me... Hehe...

    Jenny, i took this pic in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, my bf was having company's annual dinner...

    Sue, yeah, i like this colour too, make me look healthier...

    Joey, it was nice meeting you in KK...

    Tris, Thx... :)

    Riya, you don't praise me anymore...LoL..

  7. hihi, long time no see
    like ur new hair style!! hehe

    happy cny!!!


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