Monday, January 11, 2010

My new darling...!!!

I went to KLCC today and purposely wanna get this, and i'm lucky... It's the last piece as new stock for this model, now only left the display item in store... I spotted this in the website and i fell in love with it at first glance... Coz i just move into my new house, suddenly got so many keys, i need a nice key pouch desperately and this key pouch colour's matches my new house colour scheme too coz everything in my house is in this 3 colours... My previous house uses key card, so i dun have any keys and it means no key pouch/key chain needed...

P/s: My sis wanted me to announce this is a gift from her, lol... Thank you my lovely sis...!!! I love it...!!!


  1. this is a definitely pretty one, i must said your sister is so generous!!!

  2. wow.. nice key pouch.. and your sister is sure a great one and a funny one too.. hahhaha..


  3. I want a sister like yours too! :D
    I like the pouch.

  4. wow! your sis really nice lah!! i oso wan. xD

  5. Haha, everybody also want my sis now... She'll be very happy if she saw these comments...LoL...


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