Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Laneige Pore Trouble Hydro Gel...

From the web :This intensive, light-weight and totally hydrating gel with therapeutic Scabrida extracts offers anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation properties to soothe and calm irritated skin. Say goodbye to dehydrated, flaky pore troubled skin.
-Ideal for Combination to oily, oily, acne & pimple-prone skin that is dehydrated...

My review :I got this with the skin refiner(toner) in same range which is i just reviewed earlier... They're working together perfectly... This is truly gel based, sure non oily... And it's hydrating enough for my skin and i don't need additional serum or emulsion for it eventhou this range got 1 emulsion which is suppose to apply before this and this hydro gel is meant to lock in the moisture for it... But i only use this as moisturizer and it's working fine, my skin is dehydrated enough and i realise they did regulating my oil too... I think skin which is dryer will think it's not hydrates enough, but for me it's fine thou... It's retailing at RM125 for 50ml and comes in a pump bottle, i love pump bottle, it feels much more hygenic and the bottle is a lil transparent so you kinda can see when it's finishing and time to get new one, unlike others that you need use till last drops only know it's finished and need replenish stock... I think sensitive skin also can use coz i feel it's really mild, and i've no breakouts from it which i love it so much...


  1. too bad this brand is not available in Penang. gah! but it sure looks good too! :D

  2. Laneige is quite good. I've only tried the waterbank series.

  3. Sue, if you really want it i can help you buy... :)

    Cynthia, Yeah, i like Laneige too, it's good...

  4. hi..i m having pores problem since i did a facial treatment. Pores seems visible and sebum production even higher than before. Any facial treatment recommend? This laneige pore trouble series really work in minising pores?

  5. Hello,

    I have oily, acne prone skin with acne scars...sob...TxT
    Can you advice me which Laneige line is suitable for me??
    I am looking for Gelly foam,since I have no cleanser really suitable for me...but..oaoa TxT

    Thank you very much ^_^


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