Wednesday, November 4, 2009

KANEBO IMPRESS IC Shadow Clear Wash...

From the web : Polishes the skin's brightness in just 10 seconds a day.

Enzyme-containing facial wash that purges the skin of impurities and old keratin cells filled with melanin. Small granules containing Apricot Extract burst open one by one as the fingers massage them onto the face, gently exfoliating the skin.
Promotes microcirculation while massaging and leaves a silky-soft sensation after every use.
Scented with a delicate rose scent for a wondrous spa-like experience that pampers the senses.

Ingredients :

・Mevalonolactone (Moisturizing Ingredient)
・MA Extract (Moisturizing Ingredient)
・White Lupine Extract (Moisturizing Ingredient)
・Aquaserine (Moisturizing Ingredient)
・Stable Protease (Exfoliating ingredient)
・Apricot Extract Grains (Exfoliating ingredient)
・Aromaneige (Fragrance)
My review : I LOVE IT...!!! This is the best cleanser i uses so far... It cleanse so well and yet not drying at all... My skin is so much better now, and those small bums is getting lesser and lesser... This also means that it doesn't break me out too... The 'shadow clear' words is promising, those acne scars, i normally need use whitening essence to lighten it, with this cleanser, i dun need it anymore... I don't have any pigmentation/freckles to start with, 'touch wood'**, so no comment on that, but my skin is definately brighter than b4, FYI, i dun use any sun screen or whitening essence recently...

No doubt it's a bit pricey, RM145 for a 175g bottle, but 175g is HUGE, i think it can last me a long time, eventhou they written there need 2-3 pumps, but i really think 1 pump is all you need, it already can create a great amount of foam, like in their description, 10 seconds is all you need for each wash, it really cleanse very well...

The Apricot extract grains can help to remove dead skin, so it cleanse and exfoliates at same time, suitable for daily use, coz it's mild and yet effective... The Bulgarian white roses scent is totally relaxing and gives me good mood after each uses, who can resist white rose scent anyway.. :)


  1. Wow...It looks like this cleanser is really good. I'm using Artistry cleanser now. 125g for about RM100+ (don't remember the exact price) pricey too..

  2. Huh, Artistry need that $$, i thought it's kinda affordable brand... LoL...

  3. hey, do u use this cleanser twice a day??i thought it's supposed to be useed once a day??or it's just like any other normal cleanser without granuls n can b used twice a day?


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