Monday, September 28, 2009

New haul that's all the way flew from US...

Just now went to check out my post box and saw this... It's took 9 days to reach me from US, which is consider fast, coz nowadays parcels too longer time to reach, wondering why... Anyway, I love unpacking parcel...!!! Curious what's in it this time???
Ta-daaa... The ultra famous Essence of beauty Deluxe Duo brush set from CVS and 2 Loreal Hip Metallic Shadow Duo in Gunmetal and Sculpted, the seller is so kind, free me an extra Essence of beauty eyeshadow & contour duo brush!!! And now i've 4 brushes that got 8 uses, i'm so happy...!!! I haven use it but they feel sooo soft on my hand, i think they'll be good since got so much good reviews in youtube... Same goes to Loreal Hip eyeshadow duo, i can't wait to try them on 1 day... Will post out review real soon ya... :)


  1. hehe i want the loreal hip eyeshadow duo too
    i heard they are pigmented and easy to blend
    will wait till im financially stable again

  2. I haven try them, but they do look very pretty, i saw their swatches online, it's super pigmented, you'll love it... :)

  3. great stuff,

    but i love asian stuff more

    and its funny how ppls that live in asia like stuff over here in the U.S

  4. Ppl always hunger for stuff they can't get easily... Agree???

  5. OMG!! Pls do review the Loreal HIP shadow. I've been wanting sculpted for a long time. Do swatch it ya!!

  6. I order the Essence of beauty brush on ebay last week :)

    I'm still waiting for them to come in the mail ^_^

    What do you think about the quality?

  7. aww! i really want to buy the essence of beauty kit, but i can't buy them on
    always out of stock! :( :(


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