Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sally Hansen Strengthening Polish Remover...

I got this from SASA sometime ago, it was in a promo pack for RM14.90 if i'm not mistaken with a free 'dispenser'... I got this remover in Strenthening is all bcoz it's in pink colour... LoL...
It's so convenient, you just need to press down and the remover will pump up, so will not ruin your other nails that's nicely polished... This dispenser can be reused, i saw Etude House is selling this kind of dispenser too, not sure about the price but it's definately affordable... :)


  1. i have the exact one as you

  2. I need to go and buy myself one of those dispensers, it looks like it would make things MUCH easier!

  3. Lynn, it's good stuff!!!

    Dana, yes, you should , it saves time of opening and pouring out the remover too, less mess... :)

  4. *high5* I have the same too. Loving it. Saw it Nikki's site, then Lynn encouraged me to get it too :P

  5. Oh ic, yeah it's good stuff, a must have!!!


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