Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beauty Sample Swap Review & Blog Part 1 ( Vonvon)...

To those that have no idea of this project, it's a Beauty Sample Swap Review & Blog activity among 5 bloggers and there're 1). Miu, 2). Vonvon, 3). Hanna 4). Mei Wah and last but not least me... Thx for Miu that's organize for this swap project, this is what i got from Vonvon... There're 2 samples, 1 is Kiehl's Soothing Gel Masque and another 1 is Biotherm Source Thérapie Superactiv Concentrated Skin Perfecting Serum...

So here's my review after tried both... (Sorry for no pic for the content for you all to have closer look, coz my stupid memory card hang again and deleted those pics...!!!)

Kiehl's Soothing Gel Masque : It's a soothing gel mask that's contains Chamomile and Dandelion extracts and enriched with Green Tea extracts to hydrate and softens skin, it's ideal for combination skin too... The mask is in dark brown colour which is out of my expectation, coz to me once i see the words soothing gel mask then i'll think it's transparent/clear in colour... The texture is thick and smells like herbal stuff but still fine... I left it for 20mins on skin and washed off with damp cloth and warm water, my skin did feel hydrated but the result is not amaze me, but this in deed is a gentle mask, i think sensitive skin can use it too...

Biotherm Source Thérapie Superactiv Concentrated Skin Perfecting Serum : This is 1 of the star product from Biotherm and i was eyeing it for long time and now i got a chance to try it, thx Vonvon...!!! The serum is in light blue colour, very smooth and light texture... I really like this coz it's very hydrating and gives me a matte finish after it... Coz my skin is always shining so i love matte stuff, and i realised that after applied this serum, my skin produce lesser oil and less shiny the rest of the day... So, this is really a good stuff...!!!


  1. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for reviewing my swaps. I agree with you on the Kiehl's's OK, just provide hydration. The SA told me it can be used everyday too...err...I don't know about that. I used my my sample already.

    Wow!! The Biotherm serum is that good?? Honestly I didn't know....I had 2, and I gave one to a friend, and one for you. 'Cos I don't use Biotherm.....*slaps forehead*...silly me...But glad it works for you. And thanks for reviewing....gonna visit a Biotherm counter soon.....

    P.s. Will link your post later. Btw, I tried the Eyeko wipes. ;)

  2. Yarr, i like the Biotherm one coz my skin is oily and dehydrated, not sure it suit your skin or not... Coz i love matte stuff and it absorb into skin very fast...

  3. Haha, like Hanna said, I 'muka tembok' went to Biotherm counter today, put on my serious and interested face, and the SA gave me the samples for this serum and also a set of samples for their hydrating range-combi skin... ;)

  4. Awww, you're good at doing this, i can't... But i hoped i can do it... Hehe...

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