Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My left hand feel so numb now... :(
I sprained my left hand wrist more than 1 year ago, and it caused a very small lump on it... I dun care about it until recently i realised the lump size is bigger... So just now my best Riya brought me to see the Chinese doctor who healed her wrist recently...The doctor unable to 'break' the lump, he said it's water in it can be break by pressure, but he tried few times and said mine is too hard... And now end up he wrapped my hand like this with some herbs or medicine, asked me 3 days later only go back see him and see the lump got softer or not so that easier for him to 'break' it... But the thing is, i dun think i can hold like this for 3 days, this left hand can't contact with water, so how i suppose to do all those daily stuff???... I feel so uneasy and got slight itch in it... I struggling hard now, feel like wanna remove it straight away, i really dun think i can stand it anymore, probably later will remove it... :(

Update : I did tried to go to bed with it, but too bad i can't... It's so itchy till i can't sleep so at 3am i really can't stand it anymore i decided to take it off...
So goodbye to you, may you rest in peace... You're lucky that can stayed on my hand for a good 11 hours...


  1. i am so sorry to hear what happened. >_<

    pretty hard to do stuff when ur hand is immobile. :(

    hope your hands heals fast!

  2. I really feel like wanna take off the bandage now...It's so itchy...!!!

  3. Hey, Shirley...Thx for stopping by... No need shock la, it's not painful one...

  4. take good care girl.
    i have pain in my left hand too.
    crawls down from the shoulders to my wrist
    and the doctors have yet to fix it

  5. Lynn, my one not painful one...

  6. Yikes, I hope that you can get the lump out!

  7. The lump is really small... Not painful at all... Will go for a scan next month...

  8. I hope everything is alright with you. Poor you, I felt sorry for you. I know how it felt. I used to sprain my ankle twice but it's alright now. But my ankle looks funny in a way.

    Hope the lumps goes of asap~


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