Sunday, June 14, 2009

My new toy...

Isn't it beautiful...??? I fall in love with it at first sight.... LOL...
And now it's belong to me... I really dead broke now... Shhh, don't let other ppl know i'm not working at all ya, coz i always feel guilty when ppl know i'm not working for more than 1.5 years and still splurge like this, more over my current hp is no problem at all... And now i got 2 hp, i purposely go get 1 more phone number for my new phone... Silly me...


  1. My god!!! when? where? what? why? how? lol!

  2. Today at Sg Wang... No how, i just got it without thinking as usual...LoL...

  3. for some weird reason, I love SE phones.. However, I've been threatened by my mum, so I guess now I gotta stick to my current phone :P
    The hp looks great anyway ;)

  4. It looks so nice! :)

    & don't worry, I don't have a job & I spluge like crazy even though I shouldn't.

  5. Thx Shuu and Dana, both of you made me feel better and less guilty... LoL...

  6. haha such a coincident!
    i just got a new phone yesterday too
    as of now i'll be using it to snap pictures for my blog hopefully to fully utilize the features
    and to return my bf his camera

  7. I hoped i can on ban for everything now... If i still continue spend like this till next month go Taiwan, i really will bankrupt...:(


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